Pet Dentistry

Care for Your Pet’s Teeth and Gums With Our Pet Dental Care

Knowing the wide-ranging health concerns and benefits of regular dental care is essential for all pet parents. Tooth and gum pain can cause severe discomfort and affect your pet’s diet and appetite. In more severe cases, dental disease can lead to severe health complications like heart, liver, or kidney disease.

Dental disease is among the most common health risks facing dogs and cats. At East Holland Veterinary Clinic, we offer extensive dental care and regular examinations for our furry patients.

Pet Dental Care at East Holland Veterinary Clinic

Like our dental hygiene, pet dental care is complex and varies from case to case. We offer a wide range of pet dentistry services, including routine examinations, cleanings, and tooth extractions when necessary.

Pet Dental Exams

Our dental services begin with an examination and dental X-rays performed under general anesthesia. Examining your pet’s teeth and gums under anesthesia allows our veterinarians to thoroughly assess your pet’s dental health without extra stress and provide the best care possible.

Full-Mouth Dental X-Rays

Before proceeding with any dental cleaning, we perform full-mouth dental X-rays to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s oral health. This allows us to identify hidden problems and tailor our cleaning and treatment plans to your pet’s needs, ensuring the most effective and thorough care.

Dental Cleaning

Once the exam is complete, our team will clean your pet’s teeth. We use a combination of brushing, scaling, and rinsing to get their teeth as clean as possible and prevent dental disease.

Tooth Extractions

If we notice any broken or rotten teeth during our exam or cleaning, we will call you right away about potential extractions. Our veterinarians prefer to perform extractions during the cleaning process to avoid unnecessary anesthesia in the future.

We will guide you through the procedure and provide any post-extraction care instructions to keep your pet as comfortable as possible after their dental visit.

Need to Schedule a Dental Care Appointment for Your Pet?
Contact Us Today

Need to Schedule a Dental Care Appointment for Your Pet?
Contact Us Today

Whether your pet needs a routine cleaning or requires more advanced dental care, East Holland Veterinary Clinic is ready to help. Our team of expert hometown veterinary doctors is always happy to welcome new clients and pets to our clinic.

Call us at (616)-392-1835 or contact us online to request an appointment today.

 East Holland Veterinary Clinic offers pet dentistry for cats and dogs in the Holland, Zeeland, and Saugatuck areas. We offer pet wellness care, pet vaccinations, spay and neuter, and pet orthopedic surgery by appointment. Contact us today.