Pet Medical Services

Pet Medical Services in Holland, MI

East Holland Veterinary Clinic proudly serves pets and their owners in Holland, MI, offering a full list of pet medical services. Whether it is for emergency care for an accident, an allergic reaction, or making a change to a healthier diet, your pet can see the same team of trusted veterinarians for all of their healthcare needs.


Emergency and Urgent Care

East Holland Veterinary Clinic provides your pets with quality animal care when they need it. Our staff and veterinarians offer six days a week of office hours to schedule pet exams whenever emergency care is needed. Our team is prepared to act quickly and utilize our years of experience to treat pets for sudden injuries, acute illness, and any sudden symptoms that you notice which may indicate a medical issue that requires immediate attention.

Primary Care

Routine wellness care during checkup exams allows our veterinarians to get to know your pet and sets a baseline for your animal’s health. One of the most important pet services, primary care is provided by our trusted veterinarians in Holland and includes nose-to-tail physical exams and general healthcare.

Dental Services

Healthy teeth and gums allow your pets to groom themselves, ward off attackers, and take in enough food to maintain their weight, immune system, and bodily functions. Dental care can sometimes include pulling teeth that have become diseased or impacted or correcting problems with the jaw and gums.


You can count on our experienced veterinary specialists to safely perform surgery if your pet needs it. Cats and dogs undergo spay and neuter surgeries to help reduce pet overpopulation, and fortunately, this is a very efficient and minimally invasive procedure. Surgeries also may become necessary due to accidents, injuries, or internal maladies. Your pets love to play, whether it’s running, wrestling, or going exploring by themselves or with people. Their energy and enthusiasm can wear heavily on their bones and joints, and many pets eventually need orthopedic surgery. Often they strain or tear ligaments as well, but pets can benefit from ACL surgery just as humans do and can make a full recovery.

Diagnostic Testing

When your pet presents symptoms of an illness, the best way your veterinarian can address the problem is with an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes subtle signs can signal larger, unseen issues going on internally, and blood work and other diagnostic testing provide a clear picture of how your pet’s organs are functioning.

Keep Your Pets Healthy in Holland, MI

You can depend on our expert care at East Holland Veterinary Clinic in Holland, MI for all of your pet’s healthcare needs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us today at (616) 392-1835.

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