COVID-19 Updated August 8th, 2020

As essential service providers we are happy to be here for you and your pet. Like most practices around the country, we are also experiencing phenomenally high demand. Home-bound people are adopting new pets and have time to pay close attention to the ones they have. They are catching problems early which makes us happy. However, this phenomenon has caused our schedule to be filled to over-capacity and our team to be spread thin as we try to help the most pets possible. It has also caused delays in being able to get pets seen as fast as normal. We just wanted you to know what it is like on our side of the exam table to help you plan accordingly.

Clinic hours; Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm,  Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 8am-12pm.

Curbside Services Available;

  • Digital Pet history forms will be utilized and emailed/texted with your pets appointment reminder
  • Call or text the clinic upon arrival @ 616-392-1835
  • A technician will review your pets history over the phone and retrieve your pet from your vehicle.
  • Medication and food refills will remain on curbside service
  • Surgery check-in; Surgical consent forms will be utilized and emailed/texted with your pets appointment reminder. Surgical technicians will review your surgical consent form over the phone when checking in for surgery.